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Chasing Alexander Supertramp Into the Wild

Chris McCandless (Credit: CJM Foundation / / Back to the Wild) Raised in Virginia, Christopher Johnson McCandless began his long journey to Alaska in the summer of…
PUBLISHED: Dec. 5, 2013
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1413 words)

Unspeakable horrors in a country on the verge of genocide

A massacre of the innocents is taking place in the heart of Africa as the world looks the other way.My four-year-old son's throat was slit, says one man, and when I went to look for him I found a…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 22, 2013
LENGTH: 9 minutes (2470 words)

Why Are Swedes So Quiet?

Medieval Visby, in Sweden. The Swedes' dignified code of conduct may go as far back as the Vikings. Photo by Lola Akinmade Åkerström Each Friday,
LENGTH: 7 minutes (1768 words)

The Rise And Fall Of Mikheil Saakashvili

Mikheil Saakashvili / Facebook KUTAISI, Georgia — The cows had to be chased away from Georgia’s new parliament, a glittering snail shell of concrete and glass, before the president’s helicopter…
AUTHOR:Max Seddon
PUBLISHED: Oct. 28, 2013
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2906 words)

The wanderer

A curious thing happened when my grandfather died, the sort of thing that seems more and more curious as the years pass, investing itself with significance. At the time I was living in New York, and…
LENGTH: 11 minutes (2968 words)

A Game of Shark and Minnow

In most ways it resembles the hundreds of other reefs, islands, rock clusters and cays that collectively are called the Spratly Islands. But Ayungin is different. In the reef’s shallows there…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 24, 2013
LENGTH: 30 minutes (7562 words)

Arise, Tenderloin

A painfully familiar sight in the Tenderloin: the line for a free meal at Glide Church. (1 of 9)
LENGTH: 4 minutes (1128 words)

Hidden City

For baseball games, Yankee Stadium seats 50,287. If all the homeless people who now live in New York City used the stadium for a gathering, several thousand of them would have to stand. More people…
PUBLISHED: Oct. 28, 2013
LENGTH: 37 minutes (9275 words)

Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu

The Boston team was the worst in twenty-seven seasons. A jangling medley of incompetent youth and aging competence, the Red Sox were finishing in seventh place only because the Kansas City Athletics had locked them out of the cellar. They were scheduled to play the Baltimore Orioles, a much nimbler blend of May and December, who had been dumped from pennant contention a week before by the insatiable Yankees. I, and 10,453 others, had shown up primarily because this was the Red Sox's last home game of the season, and therefore the last time in all eternity that their regular left fielder, known to the headlines as TED, KID, SPLINTER, THUMPER, TW, and, most cloyingly, MISTER WONDERFUL, would play in Boston. "WHAT WILL WE DO WITHOUT TED? HUB FANS ASK" ran the headline on a newspaper being read by a bulb-nosed cigar smoker a few rows away.
PUBLISHED: Oct. 22, 1960
LENGTH: 24 minutes (6012 words)