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His Name Was Justice

Remembering a Anthony Colin, who made his high school a safer place for gay kids:

Colin finally had enough. Spurred by the murder of Matthew Shepard a year earlier, he decided to form a Gay-Straight Alliance club on campus, so he and anyone else at El Modena would have a place, even for a little while, that was free from hostility. Similar GSA groups were beginning to pop up on high-school campuses all around the country at the time—including one at Fountain Valley High, which this year celebrated its 20th anniversary—so, Colin thought, why not one at ElMo?

Jessie Colin thought it was a fantastic idea.

But there couldn't have been a worse place to try to get one started.

AUTHOR:Rich Kane
PUBLISHED: Dec. 5, 2013
LENGTH: 15 minutes (3846 words)

Operation Stolen Treasures

Two California men use conspiracy theories to fuel a massive tax-fraud scheme:

"The Old Quest presenters told Trinidad every time he used his social security number as part of a financial transaction, he was 'creating money,' and that when he signed a loan document, the bank received nine times the amount he borrowed. They warned attendees to not try the OID process themselves because its complexity would get them into trouble. 'Leave it to the experts,' they said.

"About a week later, the pastor went to Wilson's Costa Mesa home, where she calculated the balance on his mortgages and credit cards that would be claimed as withheld income. Trinidad wrote a $2,500 check that day.

"The presenters made it sound as though Old Quest was working with lawyers and accountants. 'Who in their right mind would think lawyers would do fraudulent things?' Trinidad told investigators."
PUBLISHED: March 14, 2013
LENGTH: 17 minutes (4360 words)

Reza Abedi's Greatest Escape

Once in Venezuela, other teams were put up in nice hotels, but the Iranian team, at the insistence of its country's officials, was forced to stay in military barracks. Abedi was in a room with his brother's best friend, Asgari. Quietly in the showers or in private moments between matches, Abedi began sharing his intentions with a few teammates. Two other wrestlers, both named Abbas, confirmed that they, too, would not return.
PUBLISHED: May 13, 2011
LENGTH: 18 minutes (4666 words)

Meet Orly Taitz, Queen Bee of People Obsessed With Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

Birth of an Obsession - With her strong will, busy travel schedule and breathless blogging, Laguna Niguel dentist Orly Taitz has become the most controversial figure in the effort to prove that President Barack Obama is foreign-born
PUBLISHED: June 18, 2009
LENGTH: 17 minutes (4265 words)