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The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

Our favorite stories of the week—featuring The New Yorker, Notre Dame Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Esquire and The Giddy Summit.
PUBLISHED: July 18, 2014

The State of the American Dog

"This is a story about an American dog: my dog, Dexter." Through his personal story, Junod examines how pit bulls became so feared, so abused, and so neglected in the United States.
AUTHOR:Tom Junod
PUBLISHED: July 16, 2014
LENGTH: 25 minutes (6430 words)

Top 5 Longreads of the Week

Our favorite stories of the week: Featuring ProPublica, Esquire, New York Times Magazine, Fox Sports and Oxford American.
PUBLISHED: July 11, 2014

Lance Armstrong in Purgatory

John H. Richardson examines the after-life of Lance Armstrong, and our own conceptions about what happens to the great work a man has done, after a great fall.

PUBLISHED: July 7, 2014
LENGTH: 34 minutes (8700 words)

The History of the Future: A Reading List

A new technology reading list by Daniel A. Gross, featuring Wired, The Atlantic and Esquire.
PUBLISHED: April 15, 2014

Stories About Ghosts: A Reading List

This week's picks from Emily include stories from Pacific Standard, Esquire, London Review of Books, and Bitch Magazine.
PUBLISHED: March 16, 2014

Naked, Covered in Ram's Blood, Drinking a Coke, and Feeling Pretty Good

An exploration of the way other cultures treat depression:

And I said, “Oh! What an interesting idea. Well, um, yes, sure. Yeah, absolutely, yes, let’s do that. I’ll have an ndeup.”

“Oh, well, that’s great,” she said. And she gave us some fairly basic instructions, and then we left.

And my translator, the aforementioned then-girlfriend, now ex-wife of my friend, turned to me, and she said, “Are you completely crazy? Do you have any idea what you’re getting yourself into? You’re crazy. You’re totally crazy, but I’ll help you if you want.”

PUBLISHED: March 1, 2014
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2580 words)

An Oral History of 'Ghostbusters'

The making of a comedy classic, first published in Premiere Magazine:

HAROLD RAMIS: We very quickly came up with a model: Dan was the heart of the Ghostbusters, I was the brains, and Bill was the mouth.

I found my character on the front page of an abstract architectural journal. There was a picture of a guy and an article about his work. I didn’t understand a word, but his image was great. He was wearing a retro three-piece tweed suit, wire-rim glasses, and his hair was standing way up. I thought, “That could be my guy.” I took the name Egon from a Hungarian refugee I went to grammar school with, and Spengler was from [noted historian] Oswald Spengler.

PUBLISHED: Feb. 26, 2014
LENGTH: 14 minutes (3562 words)

Top 5 Longreads of the Week

Our favorite stories of the week, featuring The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, SB Nation, Priceonomics and Esquire, with a guest pick by Sasha Belenky.
PUBLISHED: Nov. 22, 2013