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The New Face of Richard Norris

Richard Norris became disfigured after he accidentally shot himself in the face when he was 22. He successfully received a full face transplant with the help of Eduardo Rodriguez, a Baltimore reconstructive facial surgeon, but life after the surgery has brought up some unexpected burdens.
PUBLISHED: July 28, 2014
LENGTH: 34 minutes (8518 words)

Finding the Words

The poet Edward Hirsch confronts the loss of his son, who died at 22, by writing an elegy: "'I decided that what I wrote wasn’t going to be just about Gabriel, it also had to be about losing Gabriel,' he said."
PUBLISHED: July 28, 2014
LENGTH: 31 minutes (7884 words)

Love for the Library: A Reading List

"I put the hottest titles on hold. I stumble upon books I never would’ve thought to read. I can check out giant stacks without feeling any guilt. Libraries are amazing. Here are four stories looking at different aspects of the library system."
PUBLISHED: July 27, 2014